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The Latin course accidentally gave me the "Champion - You conquered a course" achievement

I just started the course and I'm not even close to finishing it. I don't know why I got the achievement, but it annoys me and I don't want to see it. How can I get rid of it again?

September 2, 2019



Were you using the APP? The same thing happened to me with the Polish tree.


I use both desktop and app, but when it happend I used the desktop version. It's a bit annoying because I used this achievement to check my Spanish progress every once in a while. Were you able to solve the problem?


It did not bother me, since I knew I would soon finish the German and Polish trees. Maybe you should report it as a bug:



To track your progress, don't forget your duome pages (the exclamation point next to "Lessons" tells you how many lessons you have to complete to finish your tree):



Another thing that really helps me with Italian is Toran's Duolingo Strength extension:



Thanks, I'm aware and Duome and I use it often. Unfortunately it cannot give me back that seamless in-app experience that I had using the achievement overview. Anyway, I can imagine worse problems...

I will give that Strength extension thing a try. I know it used to be an official feature once, but it was before I have started Duolingo.

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