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  5. "The people want (it)."

"The people want (it)."

Translation:Makemake ka poʻe.

September 2, 2019



Why is it "Nā poʻe" for the people here but other questions use "Ka poʻe"? Nā should be correct because the people are many, right? Mahalo!


Aloha, No that is not always the case. Some times nā is used and sometimes ka is used.


Yeah, so both answers should be right when the question asks which one is correct between them!


I'd think that makemake ka poʻe would also be acceptable, since poʻe is a collective noun.


I was typing too fast, so I happened to misspell the word "poʻe" to "poeʻ", but it was accepted for me, and it seems not counted as a typo. What I have learnt that ʻokina is treated as a letter, as well a consonant.

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