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Duolingo in Firefox

My lessons stopped working in Firefox 14.1

July 24, 2012



can you elaborate? is this only happening for lessons or also for translations? does it still work in the other browsers?


I suspect you mean 14.0.1, since AFAIK that's the latest release version.


I've had no problems. As severin asks: can you give us a bit more detail - what exactly is or is not happening?


Hi Severin and Almonaster, My Spanish lesson just won't open or load. I haven't tried other translations yet. It works in Opera but without audio.


The only thing I can think of with that little to go on is that you have some kind of blocking running. If that's it, then you need to allow access to Cloudfront.net and to mixpanel.com


Hi Al, That's what I suspect too. I'm not aware of blocking those sites but I'll take your advice and check. Nice to meet a Duolingo techie. Thanks.

update: I made sure that Cloudfront.net and mixpanel.com are whitelisted in Firefox but it's still not working. While Opera is declaring that Duolingo is unsafe.

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