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"Let's get together this evening?"

Translation:E hui kāua i kēia ahiahi?

September 2, 2019



all kinds of discrepancies in this lesson. I thought it was " e hui ana kaua i keia ahiahi" which is pololei but not what the owl was looking for!


Your interpretation says "You and I are going to meet this evening."
E hui kāua is a command form which encourages others to take action.
"Let's you and I meet."


AHA! Mahalo nui - this makes sense!


"E launa ana kāua i kēia ahiahi" Why canʻt you interchange "hui" with "launa". Moving the cursor to the english, "hui" is a first choice and "launa" a second choice. Yep, my sentence was wrong....


Seems like the "launa" part should be OK if the rest of the sentence wasn't wrong (in the case of the choices given) or in your example indicating future tense instead of "let's" (as described by rabelon above).


My personal mnemonic device for this is "E (verb) ana" = "it's g-ana happen". My confusion with this one is the question mark at the end. "Let's get together this evening" is a statement. Why does it have a question mark at the end? First you're making a request/demand that we get together this evening, and then you take away the mandate implied by "E" and raise the ending inflection to put in in the form of a question. I'm guessing you can see my confusion there. (not a question)


My interpretation only differs in that I included the future tense "e_ana".


That is correct. It is the difference between saying "You and I will rob the bank" and "Let's you and I rob the bank."


E hui kākou i kēia ahiahi.

is also accepted.

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