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"strawberry or blueberry"

Translation:ka ʻōhelo papa a i ʻole ka pīʻai

September 3, 2019



So even if "the " is left out in English, "ka" is not.


Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I think the programming is off. On the item before, i did not use ka for either fruit and it was accepted. This time I omitted ka for strawberry but included for blueberry and got dinged for the missing ka.


i tripped up on reversing the a and i. "ka ʻōhelo papa i a ʻole ka pīʻai" instead of ka ʻōhelo papa a i ʻole ka pīʻai which is the answer for this question. how does this fundamentally change the meaning, serious question.


"a i ʻole" (or) literally means "and if not." "i a ʻole" doesn't really have a meaning.


Why are we writing about fruit from the continent? Nobody has money for the crap. Write about local foods, Please!


How can i have typos in my answer if the words are given to me?

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