Chinese poem illustration/ 酬乐天初逢扬州席上见赠/刘禹锡 I am the sunken boat, either the dying tree

Chinese poem illustration: 酬乐天初逢扬州席上见赠 Reply poem to Bai Juyi at first encounter dinner at Yang Zhou by Liu Yuxi

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A famous mount is by its spirit rather then its height(山不在高,有仙则名). These are the words in Li Yuxi's article, this is also his character.

After 23 years abandoned to remote , uncivilised place from the central government, he meet another poet Bai Juyi at the bustling city Yang Zhou on their way back to Luo Yang, the east capital. The two became buddy since then till the end of both life.

Two poems was introduced in this video, the poem by Bai Juyi written for Liu, and the reply poem by Liu.Poems to each other in a diner or party belong to a very popular type of poetry (唱和诗) of the time, most probably by Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi and Yuan Zhen's efforts(白居易, 刘禹锡, 元稹).

酬乐天扬州初逢席上见赠 刘禹锡

巴山楚水凄凉地, 二十三年弃置身。 怀旧空吟闻笛赋, 到乡翻似烂柯人。

沉舟侧畔千帆过, 病树前头万木春。 今日听君歌一曲, 暂凭杯酒长精神。

September 3, 2019


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