"No! Marcus sleeps at home."

Translation:Minime! Marcus domi dormit.

September 3, 2019



Considering the declinations, it's indifferent to say "domi dormit" or "dormit domi", except for style reasons, or if there are any grammatical reason for a difference.

September 3, 2019


one time Marcus is acceptable - on the otherhand - Marce . Please clear it up what is good - as a name Marcus or Marce

September 5, 2019


English, like Latin and many other languages has Inflection

I am • See meMy cup • I see a cup which is not mine so it may be yours

I • Me • My • Mine
You • Your • Yours
She • Her • Hers
He • Him • His
We • Us • Our • Ours
They • Them • Their • Theirs

September 14, 2019


In Latin one declines nouns, including the names of people - hence: Marcus when you are talking about Marcus (nominative case) and Marce when you are talking to Marcus (vocative case).

September 9, 2019
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