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  5. "You visit the grave."

"You visit the grave."

Translation:Sepulchrum visitas.

September 3, 2019



"Tu sepulchrum visitas." is right too but got marked as wrong.


Report it as correct.


Each time that you don't use the personal pronoun, or you use the personal pronoun, it's the same (except the emphasis meaning), so just report.

Each time you move the verb, and it's not accepted, it's still correct, so just report it.


It is not right or wrong but it is not desirable. Visitas already contains the suffix denoting the second person. Usually in romance languages we use pronouns in a retoric or confirmation way.


"Not desirable" is not true. It would be like saying that "Yo como" is wrong in Spanish. It's not wrong, or undesirable, it's emphatic and optional.


I would not say that for French. Isn't it a Romance language?


It's accepted now.


why "sepulchrum" and not "sepulchra"?


Sepulchrum is a second declension neuter noun. The singular nominative, accusative, and vocative form is sepulchrum and the plural nominative, accusative, and vocative is sepulchra.


Actually, I really want to learn Latin, but because of my work, I never have enough time. I know it sounds like an excuse, but I really don't always have enough time, and it's very difficult. This phrase "Sepulchrum visitas" opened up sad memories in my memory. I was reminded of the death of a loved one, which was a great shock to me. Every time our loved ones leave, we lose a part of ourselves forever, and this place immediately begins to hurt at the slightest memory...


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