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  5. "Livia librum legit."

"Livia librum legit."

Translation:Livia reads a book.

September 3, 2019



Here it says librum instead of liber. I'm assuming that is because it's accusative rather than nominative?


Yes, exactly.

[deactivated user]

    Livia librum lego - I, Livia, read a book; Livia librum legis - You, Livia (not vocative), read a book; Livia librum legit - Livia reads a book


    The "Livia librum lego", and "Livia librum legis" are a bit confusing, without the tonic personal pronouns and the coma.

    [deactivated user]

      LIVIALIBRVMLEGO is even more confusing, but that’s what they would have written for this sentence in the first century BC.


      Come on, dude, this is not American English. This is Latin. Please pronounce it at least better than I do.


      My friends, how would it be "Livia reads THE book."?

      [deactivated user]

        The same, until Late Latin, when they may - if they wished - have added illum (literally “that”).


        So I could use - if I wished - "Livia legit illum librum"?

        [deactivated user]

          Yes. In Classical Latin it would mean “Livia reads that book”, but later “the book”.


          I am just starting but in this case, wouldn't it be " Livia illum librum legit"?


          This is also right. As far as I am concerned, the order of words may vary.


          I get an error since I wrote read instead of reads. Is it really that bad to use read instead of reads


          In this case, "read" is not the correct conjugation for the third person of the singular, but "reads" is. Because of this you've erred.


          Why not legunt. What does legunt even mean


          Legunt is the third person plural form, in other words the form that is used for they or groups of people like Marcus et Livia librum legunt -> "Marcus and Livia read a book."

          Legit is used since it is the third person singular form which is used for single individuals, like Livia by herself here.


          Just a few lessons earlier, duo taught "Livia libros legit". Now it is Librum. Then i had written Librum and was marked wrong. I have to consult other sites.


          Libros is 'books', the accusative plural.

          Librum is 'book', the accusative singular.

          I have never encountered Duo using libros for the singular. Can you provide a link to the sentence discussion for the sentence?


          Thank you for the prompt clarification. Plural accusative Libros and singular accusative is Libros. I am sorry I cannot cite specific lesson. May be my understanding was wrong.


          I keep giving the correct answer - legit - but the app tells me it is wrong

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