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  5. "Corinna est magistra."

"Corinna est magistra."

Translation:Corinna is a teacher.

September 3, 2019



Isnt it supposed to be accusative if it is in the object position


no, not when you are using esse (to be) then both are nominative. They are basically the same thing, just different descriptions of..


On a linguistical sidenote, not all languages consider "to be" to be a verb. In Filipino/Tagalog, from what I understand, it's considered a preposition that equates two things.


Linguistically it's called a "copula", and, in Latin too, the verb "to be" links 2 things that are equivalent
(and thus, they never takes the accusative.)

I don't know Tagalog yet, but I know Indonesian, and it's the same language family, it's close.

I think "to be" is "pagiging" in Tagalog.
In Indonesian, it's "adalah, it'sa verb, but an optional verb, you can leave it out from the sentence, but it's still a verb. I think in Tagalog it's the same, I don't know why you think it's not a verb.
When the verb is omitted in Indonesian, I believe it's still considered as a copula.


Good insight! I know the verb "быть" (to be) is almost always omitted in present tense... maybe that's similar to Indonesian?

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It's not an object. "Essere/to be" is not a transitive verb. It's not even an active verb. It's a stative verb, where transitivity doesn't even apply. As such, it takes a subject complement, which is in the nominative.


Italian bloke here. This course has questionable pronunciations for some words. This one, for example, is supposed to be ma-ji-stra. Although we can't prove it with complete certainty, letters in Latin were read by our ancestors much like modern Italians read them today, so at least it should be based on our pronunciation models, not the Anglo-Saxon ones...

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The Romance languages come from Vulgar Latin and this course teaches Classical Latin.


Greek guy here, the g in ego is an x sound but at the back of your throat. In greek its looks like this γ and ego is εγω.


Good job for Corrina honestly getting that pecunia


Talking about position, lets just be glad this is not greek, where there multiple e's depending on the position: ε η υ ι and Η Ε Υ Ι

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