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anyone notice that sometimes ج is "g" now?

I've been working on fully gold-ing my Arabic tree and sometimes the voice says "g" for jiim, like in Egypt.

I think it's kind of cute that they're sprinkling random dialects in but... wouldn't that just confuse people who didn't know? I'm not a native Arabic speaker but if I weren't Egyptian I would be like.. what happened to the alphabet ?

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

(EDIT: Sorry to everyone who saw this post twice! I'm in Rural Australia so my WiFi bugs out sometimes. It's down now!)

September 3, 2019



I think this is probably a bug. The voice has also adopted a different, diphthongy pronunciation of ي in the sound-selection exercises for some combinations, which I suspect is not correct (or perhaps this is dialectical, too). All this seems to have taken place within the last couple of weeks. I don't know the reason for it.
As the course is supposed to be teaching MSA, it really shouldn't randomly switch to dialectical pronunciations, anyway, even if they are themselves correct in context.


Actually, I take what I can get for practicing the sound and I am aware of the problem that this course too has a low qhality if it comes to teaching MSA. Because I have got lucky to learn the letters before this course came out and I have language partners who are natives I do not depend on learning proper Arabic from Duolingo. I guess the main problem is that it seems there is no TTS engine available which speaks MSA. So only courses where create people the tapes on their own might be able to teach a proper MSA.


I also understand "taking what you can get" at least for Beta (after all, it's what I'm doing!). I have high hopes for the future and the team's doin' well :)

I had no idea about the TTS thing, that's interesting. It's funny how hard it can be to find Arabic resources sometimes... then again, I suppose the Arab world wouldn't need it so they wouldn't bother making it.


If you do not learn dialects from the beginning, it may be difficult to learn them later. Some Arabs do not understand other dialects. This is my opinion


I definitely agree! But I think they should at least brief you in the Tips and Notes section first about what differences they may hear in the voice and where they come from. Not to mention, Duolingo made a point when first releasing that they were going to focus on MSA period.

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