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Words tab - last practiced and strength not updating

I love, love, love, love the new "Words" link that shows all the words I know, the last time I practiced each word, and the strength of each word!

However, I have noticed that while most of the words update (last practiced and strength) in the list just after I practice them, there are some words that do not update even though I just practiced them in a sentence. For example, tonight I completed a sentence with 'aimons' but it still says I last practiced the word 4 months ago and it has 'overdue' skill strength. Same thing with 'nue' (3 months ago and overdue) but I practiced a sentence with nue in it just yesterday.

Any way to fix this? Any one else have this problem?

June 18, 2014



I've got pages of words overdue by 8 months, but I know that I've used some of them in the last few lessons. I have reported it, as it makes the new tab less useful than it should be. I really liked the old vocabulary tab and found it very helpful.


Yes I have this problem too - it says i last practiced the word 'tienes' a year ago - but i'm sure I use it almost every time I practice, which is every day! Similar problem with many many other words.


This has been posted eight months but this problem still exists :( I just had it happened to me - there is a word DL says I haven't practised in 8 months ("portafogli") and it just occurred in my practice but when I go back to my Words list it still says Last practiced 8 months ago. Other words from that session are marked Last practiced just now, but this one does not update...


The last I heard was 7 months ago. Bchan replied in this thread (see link below) that they would look into it, but now (late- February), nothing has changed. I gave up a long time ago. :-( :-(



Just posted something on this - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16765970

I think it's an iOS app issue and I've been having better success with the webpage tests updating the wordlist.

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