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Immersion articles targeted at beginner and intermediate german students

As a beginner level german student I am a long way from translating complex immersion articles such as news and current affairs.I would be closer to translating text that has been written with a younger target audience in mind as more basic vocabulary and syntax is generally utilised for children and young adults. Are there any plans to grade the immersion activities into level of difficulty or include web text aimed at children/young adults ?

April 20, 2013



Thanks for this feedback! The articles are for more advanced language learners right now, but we'll think of some ways to integrate articles that beginners can also work on.


I've acquired a (gasp) physical book, intended for German students, which tells a detective story with gradually increasing vocabulary and complexity. I haven't gotten very far, but it seems just the thing. (My attempts to read a book of fairy tales, intended for German children, were almost as bad as newspaper articles ;-)

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