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  5. "Quis domi scribit?"

"Quis domi scribit?"

Translation:Who writes at home?

September 3, 2019



Why do all the translations sound like someone recorded them in a bathroom? It is kind of hard to make out with the echo


Who at home writes? -- you have to be perverse in the extreme not to accept this as a translation. Don't believe I syntax my with problems!?

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Why would only an extremely perverse soul not think to include a very unusual way of saying something? Who like that talks, outside of poetry, and even then not often.


Who at home writes? I do. And, under a different name, written several books of poetry, too. If one would be perverse, why not try blank verse. Outside the facts of torturous syntax, put to bed the seldom said. It is with a tedious sigh, I thank you for your reply. Onwards with doggerel for, alas, I must bid thee farewell.

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