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Skill Decay seems flawed - Only Basics decay

I've been on the new system for about a month now, and I've found that the only skills that go down from "gold" level are the Basics 1 and Basics 2 Italian skills. Even the lessons I've done most recently (Say, two or three weeks ago) are at gold without having practiced them. I don't feel I've memorised a lot of these sections, and yet they are staying gold for me.

What sort of time period should I be expecting these skills to decay?

April 20, 2013



We're working on this! We'll be making it better. Thanks for the thread (s) nictheman and Olimo.


I'm annoyed with basic skills decay, too. I'd prefer new skills to decay faster because they need a sooner repetition. After that the period of weakening should increase if I answer well. As for basic sections, their vocabulary is used throughout the course, so they should not ever decay because they are practiced all the time.


Ahh olimo, I only just saw the post you made complaining about the same issue in German. It's good to know it's not just me, and I saw Luis say it would be improving soon. Promising signs. I'm guessing it applies to skills you've learned prior to the switch, as my German seems to be decaying properly.

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Since the switch, I've only had three bars decay. I think decay doesn't happen quickly enough.


I agree that decay needs a little work. I haven't touched any sentences with animals in them in what feels like forever, yet it's always "être/avoir" that seems to decay, for example.


ah bender very wise question................................IDK maybe 2 days like me


I'm a bit worried about the whole skill decay concept. Or, more accurately, how it is implemented. Let's say I have time for two lessons a day, every day. If I devote one lesson to repairing decay and one to learning new stuff, will that work? The skill "meters" have four "blocks". When I repeat an old lesson or do a skill recovery lesson, it seems to add one block. This system hasn't been around long enough for me to tell (and I have not kept careful records), but I can imagine getting far enough down in the tree so that one skill recovery lesson won't keep up with the decay. Then I would have to allocate two lessons a day to repairing decay, but would make no progress!

Also, how does translation fit into this? Does this repair decay? I've done almost no translation in this new version since I feel obligated to spend spare time on fixing decay, and since there is no "mastery" any more, I'm never pushed into doing translations?

What am I missing?

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