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  5. "Viginti olivas velim."

"Viginti olivas velim."

Translation:I would like twenty olives.

September 3, 2019



Poor pronunciation again!


The pronunciation is fine. "w" sound for v.


Can barely hear this. Poorly recorded and terrible enunciation.


The subjunctive velim here should be reconsidered. Volo or the imperative is probably more idiomatic to classical Latin. DL Latin does a good job of including quaero + imperative for polite requests in this section. The problem is that there's not a lot of evidence that subjunctive was used on its own for polite requests. The beginning of Apuleius' Metamorphoses, At ego tibi sermone isto Milesio varias fabulas conseram, "But let me stitch together some stories for you in the Milesian style," or "But I would like to stitch together for you some stories in the Milesian style," is often considered the apodosis of an implied conditional clause. I bring this point up because the subjunctive on its own for a polite phrase would likely require an ellipsis to be authentic. If the next iteration of DL Latin keeps this sort of construction, they might consider putting a Tip or Note about the evidence for how the subjunctive operated in classical Latin that then explains the decision to use a construction for which there is very little direct evidence (the subjunctive on its own for requests).


How oddly specific


Sounds like shes saying "vicimpi" instead of viginti


I typed 20 instead , and it gave me wrong


I would have thought the firat person veraion of 'would like' would be something like 'velio' or something ending in an o rather than an m.


Is it slang?


Numbers aren't accepted? Is someone kidding?


As Latin word order is quite flexible `Velim viginti olivas' should also be accepted


Ask Italians how to pronounce for example venti... pls you make mistake !


(reconstructed) classical Latin pronunciation is not the same as (standard) Italian pronunciation.


Only ecclesiastical Latin pronunciations work like Italian

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