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"The brother is sleeping at home."

Translation:Frater domi dormit.

September 4, 2019



why comes domi before the verb?


Because, as noted above, Latin is a SOV language - the Subject, then the Object, lastly the Verb. The object here is domi.


You can also move "domi"or the other words, to change the emphasize:

Domi frater dormit = OSV. The brother sleeps - really at home. As "domi" is the moved bit.
Frater dormit domi = SVO. The brother really sleeps - at home. As "dormit" is the moved bit.


Why we dont use est in this sentence ? Without est the sentence should be meant to : the brother sleeps at home


Because it means both. Latin doesn't differentiate simple present and present continuous, it's the same tense.


Exactly est should fit right?



No, as said just above by Spring, Latin does not have simple and continuous presents. Both are "translated" by the same tense in Latin. Hence the absence of "est".

"Frater domi dormit" can be translated both as "The brother sleeps at home" or "The brother is sleeping at home". In a real text, context would help you decide how to translate it.


Why does't this need in? Eg: Frater in urbe dormit vs Frater domi dormit?


Because it's a locative. The locatives have already the "in" meaning included, we never use prepositions with them.

You use locatives only for cities/towns, small islands, and a few exception words:

Domus/Domi. Rus/Ruri, and Humus/Humi.

So "domus" is on the list.


It doesn't need in, but ad (to, at). Idk what Duo Lingo's problem is with prepositions.


"Ad" is used for a move. He walks to...

"At" as a static position, uses rather in+ablative I think (not ad). And it's not posible to use it when you have already a locative case.


The "at" is already included in this form of the word


Shouldn't "Frater est domi dormit" work?



No, it is bad conjugation :)

I guess you are trying to copy the "be + verb-ing" structure but it does not exist in Latin.

So "The brother sleeps" and "The brother is sleeping" are both translated "Frater dormit".


That format might be baby's talk ["Frater est domi dormit"] since a baby begins a vocabulary and puts together a meaning on his/her own.


All of the latin course is wrong!

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