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Persistent audio failures in Firefox and Chrome

After a week or so of using Duolingo with no issues, I started having frequent trouble with the audio failing in the middle of lessons. I mean audio in both directions: Duolingo can't hear my voice and I can't hear anything, either voices or sounds.

I'm on a Windows 8 PC and it happens in both Chrome (35.0.1916.153) and Firefox (29.0). It seems to coincide with a little hitch in the page loading. I've checked both my mic and speakers in other applications and they work fine, with the occasional and inconsistent exception of poor YouTube video/audio playback.

Sometimes if I restart the Windows Audio service, that will work for a little while. Sometimes a browser restart will fix it, sometimes not. But it's rare to get through two or three lessons without the sound failing. I don't want to give up and go back to Pimsleur, but this bug is making Duolingo borderline unusable.

June 18, 2014


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