"Pisces salsos velim."

Translation:I would like the salty fish.

September 4, 2019



"I would like some salty (and juicy) fish" says Gollum?

September 4, 2019


This course needs checking for variations of the same sentence. I have had so many answers for using "a" for "the", vice-versa or no article, when this should make difference as Latin doesn't even have articles.

September 4, 2019


The course is beta

September 8, 2019


'Pisces' is plural, so answers using 'a' will be wrong here.

September 5, 2019


Exactly. As beta testers it is our responsibility to report every time an article needs to be accepted, different wording needs to be added or audio needs to be corrected. This is how all of the thousands of correct answers get put into the course, wrong answers are removed... and how the course gets out of beta.

September 15, 2019
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