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"In villa sunt atrium et lararium."

Translation:There are an atrium and a lararium in the house.

September 4, 2019



The alternate answer: An atrium and a lararium are in the villa.

Answer says: "You have a typo", citing an incorrect article: "A atrium" and a lararium are in the villa.

In English, atrium would be preceded by the article "an", not "a".

Please review and correct.


Everbody here is salty about 'is' and 'are'...but WHAT IS a 'lararium'??

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No eddie, that doesn't help. Because when you google it, you find out this "The lararium was a shrine to the guardian spirits of the Roman household. Family members performed daily rituals at this shrine to guarantee the protection of these domestic spirits, the most significant of which were the lares" - that does NOT tell the student how an atrium in the house is different from a lararium, does it?? Can one be inside the other? Can an atrium BE a lararium?


If you simply look at the first result in a search (which tends to be a Wikipedia entry) there may not be a sufficient answer.

However, scrolling down the first page -- there are ten results on my page -- one sees in the third result (Arizona U.) a detailed account, including a description of different types of lararia.

The fourth (novaroma) suggests a lararium may indeed be located in an atrium.

The eighth entry (BBC) provides photographs while the ninth (wikiHow) even offers instructions on how to make a lararium.

I reject the suggestion that the answer "does not help". All is there, for he who cares to look.


I say (and it was accepted - yay), "in the villa are an atrium and a lararium".

It's the most word-for-word (or least-translated) answer possible.


Can someone please enlighten me why "An atrium and a lararium are in the house" is not a valid answer?


Shouldn't the translation be "there is an atrium and a lararium in the house)" or is it a British English thing to use "is" in this sentence rather than an "are"?


But the man says "atriu",not atrium!!!


I had the exact ans and the stupid Duolingo system didn't accept it. What is going on?????

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