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  5. "Coquus et pistor coquunt."

"Coquus et pistor coquunt."

Translation:The cook and the baker cook.

September 4, 2019



Could coquus be translated as chef?


Yes it should


You don't need another definite article before baker. This one marks it incorrect in error.


This is how I see it: The definite article is needed because otherwise it would be one person "the cook and baker". This, however, is ruled out by the verb being the plural form "coquunt".

Since these are two people, two definite articles are required. I'm not a native speaker of English or Latin ;-), though. So let's wait for other opinions.


Native English speaker, you don't need both articles. The default assumption would be two separate people. Just like "the cat and dog run" assumes two separate animals, not CatDog.


Is there an example of 'pistor' as in 'baker' in American English?

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