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"There are an atrium and a lararium in the house."

Translation:In villa sunt atrium et lararium.

September 4, 2019



Usually we say, "There is an atrium and ( ) a lararium in the house." Another "there is" is implied where the parentheses are.


Is “In villa atrium et lararium sunt.” really wrong or is it just a missing translation?


It was just a missing translation. The course contributors are super fast to add them to the system, but it's the system itself that takes a few days to make them active.


It is a year now... Thank you anyway for the course, have a lingot!


We didn't add it because no one reported it.

Three people reported In villa atrio... and we rejected it.


Why does domi not work here?


It seems like it should.

domi (locative of domus) = at home

Maybe one of the many people in the Duolingo forums who seem to have studied Latin some other place can help.


it accepts "domi", then proceeds to tell you its "domo" - maybe it thinks you have to put the ablative there but then it should also accept "domu"


they are expecting villa. maybe report it?


I translated "in the house" as "domi" and got marked wrong (on 12 July 2020). Is this because "domi" means "at home" and "in domo" means "in the house"? Or is this an error that I should report? Can "domus" be any house or only one too small to be a "villa" with an "atrium" and a "lararium"?


What means "lararium"?


Larārium was, properly, a small shrine or altar to the household gods which protected the home, the larēs. It usually was set in the main chamber of the domus, the atrium.

Eventually the word came to be used in later Latin to the kind of household altar which Catholics and Orthodox might keep in their homes for private devotions, with icons or images of Our Lord or saints.

In this course, it most likely means the first sense, the Pagan household altar in the atrium, although you may encounter the other sense in Late Antique literature you might see "in the wild."

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