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  5. "My dream is not a dream."

"My dream is not a dream."

Translation:Mein Traum ist kein Traum.

April 20, 2013



you don't use ein with nicht. Everytime you have ein (or eine or einen...) you you must use kein (or keine or...). I thing so..


Das ist richtig! Kein negates nouns preceded by the indefinite article, or nouns preceded by no article (but can be preceded by adjectives). Nicht negates nouns preceded by the definite article or by possessive adjectives. Nicht also negates anything that isn't a noun (verbs, adjectives, other parts of the sentence), and can also be used to negate a whole phrase.


Don't let your memes be dreams everyone.


Even though I got this right, I am sometimes confused about when to use "nicht" and when to use "kein". I usually use "nicht" only when it is impossible to use "kein".


"kein/e/n" is essentially "nicht ein/e/n".


Pretty sure you always use kein for nouns and nicht for verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.


Typo: Third option was "M Traum ist kein Traum."


What's that supposed to mean? It's not an achievable dream?


Quite the opposite: It means my dream is, or has become, reality.


Why not "Mein Traum ist ein Traum nicht"?


Nicht doesn't work with an indefinite article.


Shouldn't we say "keiner" here ?


It takes the nominative case after 'sein', I guess.


It is the nominative case, but even if it was accusative it would have been "keinen". I think the girl just confused it with an adjective. If there were an adjective, it would be like "wichtiger Traum".


Shouldn't it be keinen instead of kein since Traum is masculine?


Wouldn't it still be nominative, though? My dream=a dream. My dream is no dream.


Keinen would imply that the second Traum is an object, which means an action is being performed on it. It isn't the case here. The sentence is just stating that the subject IS NOT a different subject (Mein Traum ist kein Traum). It's a statement about the state of the subject (being) and not about an action being performed. So, the second Traum too is a subject.

I know you asked this question some four years back but I hope this helps you to understand better.


Why not "Mein Traum ist nicht Traum"? Isn't 'eine' implied in the above?


I put "mein Traum ist nicht ein Traum" and it got accepted, but I think it shouldn't be, because as it was explained above, you don't use "nicht" with "ein". You use "kein" to negate it.


You can use nicht if the sentence appears a definite article If there's an indefinite article you use kein For example:

Dieser Traum ist nicht der Traum This dream is not the dream

Kein= not a

Mein Traum ist kein Traum My dream is not a dream

I hope that's help


Dream is dream

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