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  5. "Discipuli legunt."

"Discipuli legunt."

Translation:The students read.

September 4, 2019


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Please please make sure 'pupils' is accepted in all places where 'students' is. It is a bit annoying to be accepted in 80% of the responses and not in the rest 20%... I don't know the exact semantics of 'student' in America, but in the UK this usually refers to University or College students, those in high school are referred as 'pupils', which I happen to think is closer to the meaning of discipuli.


Please, be patient, and keep reporting. It can takes several weeks for the changes made in the database to be seen by us.


In the U.S. student refers to anyone taking a class.


It sounds to me as though the e in legunt is being pronounced long by the speaker of this sentence, whereas in the present tense it should be pronounced short. I have reported this as "The audio does not sound correct".


"Disciples" should also be accepted according to the dictionary.

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