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Siira as سيرة and not siirah

In سيرة , duo has SIIRA, and not SIIRAH. We have learnt in our books that if ة has a vowel on it then it will be pronounced as ت , and if it does not have a vowel on it then it will be simple" ه" I.e " h ".
Can a native speaker correct me, on the right pronunciation.

September 4, 2019

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Yes, you are right. at the end of the word (usually) or when the word is isolate and not in the middle of the speech, the ة is spelled "H"

However, because the "H" is at the end of the word, it might not be so clear for everyone saying it. Simple example, the name "Sarah" and "Sara" in English. They are essentially the same name and they sound the same but it's just the spelling that changes (and originally it is Sarah rather than Sara, because the name is hebraic originally and ends in "H").

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