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"Stephanus makes a journey to the city."

Translation:Stephanus iter ad urbem facit.

September 4, 2019



I had another question similar to this, but where the correct spelling was "urbe" (I wrote "urbem"). The problem is that it marked it as "right, but with a typo". So I wrote "urbe" on this one and was, again, told that I was right but have a typo. I don't know why and I feel I will never learn because it keeps marking it correct when it's not (so no repeats, plus positive reinforcement in my brain, unconsciously). Please disable "right, but with typo" marks, at least for answers written in Latin. I will have to stop using this app/site if I cannot learn properly from it.

PS. I don't want to be told "just learn declension tables" or something like that. If I wanted that I would be using Wheelock's. I want to learn using the natural method and Duolingo would be ideal if not for this "typo" nonsense.


I wrote "Stephanus ad urbem iter facit." and it was marked wrong.


Please report with the Report Button.

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