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  5. "Liber est in foro."

"Liber est in foro."

Translation:The book is in the market.

September 4, 2019



Repeating this here in addition to having reported it because I am not 100% sure: since "in foro" takes the ablative case, shouldn't "on the market" also be a correct translation or is that too abstract?


'on the market', in the sense of being available for sale, is not a meaning conveyed by in foro.

I think that 'the book is for sale' could be liber venum datur, but I'm not 100% sure. It is a pretty rare expression to find in classical texts.


A person is "at" the market, never "in", but what about objects? I am more struggling with my understanding of English here than with that of Latin :D


A person could be 'in' the market too!


If the book is lying on the ground, I guess 'the book is in the market' would be correct.

Otherwise, think in/at the forum. A Roman Forum was not only a market, but also a place for public gatherings, debates, judicial and religious events, etc.


Other native speakers of English might disagree with me, but I've never heard of anything "on the market" when we're talking about a physical location. There are commodities "on the market", but the understanding there is always that you've shortened "on the stock market."

If we're talking about stuff around the corner from me, it's always "in the market" or (more usually) "at the market." (And to be just a little more confusing, "at market" without the definite article can sometimes work just as well.)


"On the market" doesn't just refer to the stock market. It can refer to physical goods such as books or CDs or clothing, as well.


isn't 'market' kind of a reductive translation of 'forum'? going eng -> lat i can't think of a better translation off the top of my head but from lat -> eng, wouldn't you prefer 'forum'?


Huh, 'in' the market. I would have thought 'on' the market. 'at' the market is correct too, so I'll go for that, as 'in' the market sounds quite odd.


I don't think this market is going to make much money if they are selling a single book...

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