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"Corinna, where is your new dress?"

Translation:Corinna, ubi est stola tua nova?

September 4, 2019



Is Corinna, ubi est stola nova tua also acceptable? (reported) Thanks


Of course acceptable. When there are no special cases like adverbs or prepositions, or nouns modifiers, you are free to play with the word orders. Just report them when not accepted.


2020-04-09 It is now accepted, even with Corinna misspelled as Corrina. I think I do that because of the trilled R.


Why is one new dress "stola nova" rather than "stolam novam"?


It's called a predicate nominative. The nominative is required with the verb 'to be' on both sides. You can think of the verb 'to be' as an equal sign: nominative + EST = nominative. Your instinct to want a direct object accusative is correct when dealing with many verbs. In this case there is only one nominative with the question. The verb 'to be' is sometimes omitted. Here's a link: http://www.carmentablog.com/2014/04/28/predicate-nominative/


Why not "tua nova stola"? The pronoun has to go with the noun?


That 'R' pronunciation is substandard

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