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Tips for Arabic? Touch typing for Arabic?

Hello everyone,

I know, Arabic is difficult, but I'm finding it a nightmare. Do you have any advice or tips to study Arabic?

First of all I would like to practice "touch typing" and then maybe, just maybe, everything will be easier. I did that when I started studying Russian and it helped a lot. The problem is that I have no idea what keyboard to install in Windows, there are so many!

Also, if it's possible, I would like to write in Arabic without installing another keyboard. It's so easy right now to switch between Cyrillic and Spanish only pressing Alt+Shift, if I have 3 keyboards it won't be so comfy. Do you know of any application where I can practice touch typing in Arabic without installing another keyboard?

Thank you for your time, have a nice day.



edit - resources:

https://www.arabicpod101.com/ -> Arabic course

https://www.youtube.com/user/arabicpod101/videos -> how to pronounce Arabic

http://learningarabic.eu -> basic Arabic for business, by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme

September 4, 2019


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As for Windows, you can install any keyboard - the differences are minor in the location of some characters. I think maybe most people here would go with the Egyptian or the Saudi ones; Not sure.

Not sure about the "touch typing". I didn't understand what is it exactly. Anyway, if we are in Windows still, you can install hotkeys to change between keyboards. This is what I do here. I've installed numerous keyboards and 6 of them got hotkeys (windows limited me to 5 hotkeys but I somehow managed to make it 6 after quite a struggle). So when changing between Russian, English, Turkish, German, and Arabic - All I have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+number (all that can be specified in the control panel under "regional and language settings")



Touch typing is writing without looking at the keyboard, it's used to write much faster. I want to practice that because I don't have an Arabic keyboard, so there's nothing to look at anyway.

Wow, that's awesome! That way it's easy to have several keyboards, thank you very much! Here, take 10 lingots. :)

edit: after giving you the lingots, I realized you've been using Duolingo for 768 days. Well, now you'll have 1 million lingots plus 10 xD

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Well, if this is the case with "touch typing" ... me personally would do that depending on my level of focus and mood. Even though I use a keyboard with Arabic letters printed on it but I have to say I'm still slow on that compared to my English typing. When I stop using Arabic on the keyboard for few minutes, I would need then to start slow again and check my fingers on the keyboard and then I get faster and I stop looking at the keyboard. Just like an airplane taking off slowly.


I learnt how to type Russian with a Spanish keyboard, no Cyrillic letters on it. Right now I write at the same speed Spanish, English or Russian, the key is to have a good application and practice uncountable hours.

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Yes, I used to do Russian exercises here using my regular English keyboard. However, there were some problems, like I was not able to type some specific characters and I get the answers wrong because of that (e.g. есть to be and ест eats). After all, found out some articles on Duolingo for installing special set of keyboards on Windows (I picked the "student" version keyboard) and replaced that with the already-installed Russian layout in my Windows. That Student version is awesome in that it matches the Latin letters on the keyboard with their cyrillic counterpart as much as possible, except for few special letters that are easy to memorize, like Ч on H and Ш on W... etc.

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