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The Arabic definite article - ال التعريف

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The course introduced you to the definite Arabic article, called 2ali tta3riif, but (from what I've seen), it does not talk about its pronunciation. So, here are the basics:

  • The Arabic letters are divided in two groups - the sun letters, which include the following ones: ﺕ ,ﺙ ,ﺩ ,ﺫ ,ﺭ ,ﺯ ,ﺱ ,ﺵ ,ﺹ ,ﺽ ,ﻁ ,ﻅ ,ﻝ ,ﻥ ; and the moon letters, which include all the others, namely: ء ,ﺏ ,ﺝ ,ﺡ ,ﺥ ,ﻉ ,ﻍ ,ﻑ ,ﻕ ,ﻙ ,ﻡ ,ﻭ ,ﻱ ,ه.

When the article comes before one of the moon letters nothing change - you pronounce the article simply as 2al: اَلْقَمَر is pronounced 2alqamar ("the moon").

BUT when the article comes before a sun letter, the ﻝ is not pronounced anymore - instead, the first letter of the word is pronounced twice: اَلشَّمْس is pronounced 2ashshams, not 2alshams ("the sun").

  • The 2alif of the article is only pronounce at the beginning of a sentence. It's silent in all other cases, and is spelled with a special diacritic, ٱ, called waSla: 2ashshams walqamar اَلشَّمْس وَٱلْقَمَر.

Hope that it was clear. Feel free to write any question in the comments!

September 4, 2019




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Well, assimilation actually. ل is an alveolar sounds, so it assimilates to other alveolar when it comes next to them (note that all the sun letters are alveolar sounds).


Thank you so much. I never know that to the rule of sun letters belongs also to pronounce the first letter always twice and your last topic is also new for me.

Please, when you have time can you write more about the very beginner grammar topics? We really would appreciate it.

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Sure, I’d like to :)

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