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  5. "Chi chiama?"

"Chi chiama?"

Translation:Who is calling?

June 18, 2014



How would you say: Who does he call? I gave this in as my response… but lost a heart. :(


Same with me...I guess it may be "Chi lui chiama?" by referring to "who does he call?"(I am not an expert)


That's a different tense from what we've been studying so far. What gives?


Even tho duo lingo said chi chiama means "who is calling" it literally translates to "Who calls". Now idk if duolingo put the answer as "who is calling" because in italy they might use this as a term to say "who is calling" like a shorter sentence. Idk because im a learner like you but sometimes i guess we gotta research or improvise with duolingo to get the best results at times.


"Who calls" is accepted by Duo.


I'm guessing because the present tense can be translated different ways...

I'm a beginner at Italian, but I know that in Latin you can translate any present tense verb like this as "calling", "is calling" or "do call". And as in questions, you use the present as "do call", I'm guessing that "is calling" is always an option for any verb in the present, but we just have not used this much.


I think this is true. I've experimented by using different present tense forms of verbs, and, according to DL, I've been correct.

"Vediamo" can be translated in the exercises as either "We see" or "we are seeing".


How would you say: Who does he call? I gave this in as my response… but lost a heart. :(


Wouldn't that need another preposition like 'a', as in to whom does he call? A chi chiama? (I'm no expert.)


"Chiamare" is a verb that doesn't work with the preposition "a", so you would use it like:

Lo chiamo = Chiamo lui / Mario La chiamo = Chiamo lei / Marta

(working with direct pronouns / pronomi diretti)

On the other hand, "telefonare" does work with "a", so it would change things a little:

Gli telefono = Telefono a lui / Mario Le telefono = Telefono a lei / Marta

(working with indirect pronouns / pronomi indiretti)

It all depends on the verb working or not with the preposition "a", and the whole thing of verbi transitivi e intransitivi


possibly so :s….. I have yet to find out


In the bottom chiamo it say orders or summons. It does not say calling


I pressed the new word but the meaning didn't drop down


Chi chiameresti ? Gli Acchiappafantasmi !


why not " who calls out" ?


sapere chi sta chiamando da un numero di telefono sconosciuto può essere qui - http://chichiama.info/


Is "who does he call?" accepted as a translation?


This is stupid, when I click the words it says Who is called, but when I type that it says it's wrong and that it's who is calling


I had to figure out what it meant, the meaning never popped up.


Something is wrong with the instant translation link....I mean techinical issue....when I tap on the word 'chiama' it doesn't say what it is and shows an black origami type image


"Who asks?" is wrong?

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