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Training my German with Assimil

Hi guys. I've been trying to get back to my German studies and started recording videos in German practicing my pronunciation with the Assimil exercises in German so that I could follow the evolution of pronunciation (Aussprachen).

If you want to take a look at the video I recorded

-Lesson 1 (Erste Lektion): https://youtu.be/hNQYXvs0RvI

-Lesson 2 (Zweite Lektion): https://youtu.be/ZfGpAhIOGrs

Do you also use Assimil to learn any language? How has the book helped you? I complement Assimil's studies with Duolingo. It has helped a lot.

My Blog: https://languagelearnerlife.wordpress.com/2019/09/04/erste-lektion-pronunciation-training-assimil-german/

September 4, 2019


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You raise a good question. I'm also curious about Assimil and hoping others will describe their experience with it.

By the way, well done on the YouTube videos.

September 4, 2019


Thank you so much for watching my videos. Take a look in my answer at the Cleanthe3's comment. I talked a bit about the assimil.

September 5, 2019


Hello, I'm doing the Breton course from french . I hesitated a little bit before buying the method because ... I was already used to the free DL ! But there was a good thing : the first 7 lessons were free ! I liked it immediately so I bought the course .

Each lesson is a short dialogue, each sentence can be heard one at the time. There is some explanation about the grammar and vocabulary inside the sentences, i use the e-learning so there is a small icone next to a word and the explanation appears at the bottom of the screen. You can hear the audio as much as you want, it works very well. Then there are some translating exercices, they're not too hard but you can do them several time if you want.

I don't have the book, the lessons are included in the course, so i don't need anything else right now. They have a high expectation for the learners at the end of the course. I'm not so sure that I will be so at ease with the language at that time but the course gives a good starting point, I just need to spend more time each day using it .

There are different levels depending on the language you learn : beginner, extended ... I would be also interested to read other people experience with Assimil. It's a little bit late for me right now, I follow the discussion , see you in a few hours ;)

September 4, 2019


Hello, thank you for comment. I didn't knew about this Breton course. Probably I would try use it if it was free, beacause I'm kind the one who doesn't like using money to learn language, unless it's inevitable. Even with Assimil I finded it on internet (the book and audios) for free. I know I should buy it end help the owner, but it's quite expensive to get one from where I live.

Well, about the Assimil method, it is similar to the Breton course as you described. It works with short dialogue lessons + audio. There's the grammar explanation and the phonetic explanations, along with some explanation about how the sentence and the meaning of the language work in that dialogue. Everything is translated and there's also some exercices to do.

Some says that it's better start using Assimil after some aknowlodge of the language, so you would not be much lost. But actualy I think it's really easy to start using it, you just need to focos and practice each lesson several times until you indeed understand the dialoge and absorve it.

If you search you could find the French Assimil for English speaker. I'm using for brazilian portuguese native speakers. If you give Assimil a try, I hope you enjoy it as well.

September 5, 2019


Hi Janderson. I searched a little bit a second hand version of my course, but I don't really trust the quality of the CDs already used. And I thought the app/computer version would be more convenient/practical to use; and after trying the free lessons I also wanted to help the creators of the course. DL is great to start learning lots of languages but there are not everything (yet), sometimes you need to buy a method in order to learn a language that is not very popular . It's good for you if you found the one you wanted for free !

I also do think that I didn't need a former knowledge of the language before starting it. I didn't know anything about Breton except the songs I like to listen , and I've never felt the lessons were difficult. On the contrary, everything seem to be so easy ! I don't think Breton is particularly easy, the word order is unusual and there are mutations but I've never felt I was lost. Maybe the method is just very well done !

I don't know how many combinations of native language > target language there are (I'm looking their website right now) . Few people talk about it, it's a pity it's well done :)

September 5, 2019


interesting point; the Assimil method is quite different from the Duolingo approach; closer maybe to Babbel (even though Babbel has more emphasis on vocabulary acquisition). I did a little of the Assimil book for modern Hebrew; it's a nice complement to Duolingo. A completely different kind of resource are the Teach Yourself books, which are basically old fashioned grammars - a very useful tool to have at hand!

September 5, 2019
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