Just completed the last set of stores and have some comments/suggestions.

I just finished the last set of duolingo stories. It indicates that there will be more added but no indication of when. This is specifically about the Spanish stories, but I imagine at least part of this could apply to the stories in other languages also

For the most part, I enjoyed the stories.

I do think there are some things that can be changed/added/improved. That is true about most things in life.

There were some I did not like because of the subject matter, but that is my personal preference and there would never be a way to get everyone to agree on what is good and what is not. Just wish there was a way to skip the ones we do not like. Some of them are not just single stories, but sets, and it seems that that you have to finish the whole set to get the next story to open.
Wish there was a way to skip over a story or a set when we do not like the story.

Some of the voices are irritating. Some of them are not the way people actually talk. Not sure how to explain, buy I guess they sound kind of squeaky, and like the person is speaking in a more high pitched voice than would be normal

I do have some hearing issues . Some of the dialogue I can understand with no problem, but others parts, no matter how many times I listen I just can not make out what they are saying. I sometimes have the same problem when listening to certain people in person and in my own langue , want to tell them to open their mouths and quit mumbling. I am not sure what if anything can be done about that. Maybe some way so that when you re-listen, to have the person enunciate more clearly

And it would be nice if there was a way to discuss the stories, maybe somewhat like the sentences.

And no, I did not put these things on the part where it asks you how you liked the story, because it is general comments not necessarily about one particular story.

Again, I do like the stories, but think they could be made better.

September 4, 2019


So basically people who have stories are complaining about some flaws in the stories like sound issues or personal interest, while others (like me) who don't have stories in their target language are begging to get them.

I feel a paradox in here... but the conclusion is simple: give us (other, less popular language learners) some stories please puppy eyes included. I asked nicely :)

September 4, 2019

You have stories?!?! ;-)

September 4, 2019

I do not know if you are serious or not, I think you probably are not serious, but yes I have Spanish stories.

September 4, 2019

These Italians. Always complaining :-)

September 4, 2019
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