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Where's the conjugation button?

I don't have access to the conjugations any more, it seems that the conjugation button (which was accessible when "peeking" on a word in a lesson) is missing or not displayed any more. Is this a bug? Please have a look into this.

June 18, 2014



Hi Portofan,

I just checked and while the drop down "peeking" thing still works, I don't have the conjugation button either. I don't recall ever having it though. It's possible that I just didn't notice it enough to use it or that you were in a test group. Either way, thanks for mentioning it. Also, would you edit your main post and add what browser and operating system you're using? If it's a bug, that information will help the tech team. Thanks! :)


Some other accounts I use for testing purposes still have it, so I don't think the problem is browser related. It seems that others have the same problem, so hopefully we'll get an answer from the team.


Thanks for the follow up!

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