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  5. "Rapide exeunt."

"Rapide exeunt."

Translation:They exit rapidly.

September 4, 2019



... pursued by a bear.


Ego nunquam pulso "give lingot" ante hodie. Bravo.


I'm noticing a lot of cases only the Latinate borrowing in English is accepted: Here 'they exit', when 'go out' is a perfectly good and the literal translation of ex-eō, ex-īre.

Elsewhere to my repeated annoyance 'rapide' is often only accepted as 'rapid' instead of 'quickly', which seems to me the more neutral English word for something moving very quickly or in a short time (literally or figuratively). Of course, in some contexts 'rapid' might actually be the correct word for the sense, but simply defaulting to it in all cases is sloppy translation technique.


It's almost bound to happen. We are being taught what you might call the greatest Romance language, by teachers who are speakers of Romance languages - or who are, at least, quite keen on them. There is much to be said for choosing a more everyday English word, as I am making an effort to do in this writing, but it is hard to do, as so much of English now hangs on Latinate words.


Anyone else who's done theater will probably agree with me: This looks like it should be a stage direction in a play.


You're right! Shakespeare used the Latin for exit to mean, well, exit. That's why you'd see only one actor "exit" but two or more "exeunt."


"They exit fast." should be a valid answer too.


They rapidly exit also please :o) Fab course Reported.

[deactivated user]

    They go out fast should be accepted


    to leave is the same as to exit


    Rapide' sounds on my computer likepratide'!


    "Exeunt," borrowed from Shakespeare.

    Relax, I kid...


    Why do they not accept swiftly as another option for rapide?


    Was this before or after Jupiter broke wind...?


    People have a lot of variations on this one. To me (and thankfully this was accepted), the obvious natural translation is "They leave quickly".


    Rapidly can be used as well as quickly! So why is it incorrect here?

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