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  5. "He kīʻaha wai hua ʻai lōpū"

"He kīʻaha wai hua ʻai lōpū"

Translation:A medium cup of juice

September 4, 2019



Why isn't the 'lõpū' behind 'kī'aha'? For me this sentence is more like 'a cup of medium juice'. Even if it doesn't really make sense.


I could be wrong, but as I read it and remember that each descriptive/specification term comes after the thing its describing in Hawaiian, it starts to make sense as "a cup (what kind?) of juice (what kind?) of medium size." I guess I'd like to know what's in the cup before I know the size.


Why is this not "it is a medium cup of juice"?


My thoughts as well. If the sentence begins with "He", doesn't that necessitate that it includes a verb?


My answer of "a medium cup of fruit juice" was rejected. I had assumed that ka wai hua ʻai was - due to the wording - implied to be fruit juice. Is that not always true in Hawaiian?


I'm with you. Wai hua'ai does describe fruit juice. What passes for "juice" in Hawai'i is a high fructose corn syrup solution, artificially flavored and artificially colored.

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