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  5. "No one hurls thunderbolts."

"No one hurls thunderbolts."

Translation:Nemo fulmina contorquet.

September 4, 2019



...sed Iuppiter

~Vir pius sacrificat~


Contorquere... what a great verb. I used 'iacit' and was wrong, but now I understand 'hurl' and 'throw' are different in meaning...


I was under the impression that "contorqueo" has the implication of saying something harshly, like an insult, and not actually physically throwing anything? The usage of that there is a little misleading, since thunderbolts are a physical thing (and especially considering Romans, and Latin students, would think about Jupiter actually throwing them).


Fulmina here supposed to be in accusative form, no?


Yes, it's accusative. "Fulmina" is the plural form of "fulmen" and, like any neuter noun, is the same in the nominative and accusative. So "fulmina" is the plural accusative form as well.

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