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Tiny letters in desktop version

Am I the only that has trouble seeing the tiny characters while using the web version? I'm straining my eyesight trying to read them. I tried to find a way to send some feedback to Duolingo, so that maybe they could make the characters a bit bigger, but there's no feedback page and this is the best I got. PS: I do Japanese and Chinese and the characters are also quite tiny, but Arabic is by far the one that bothers me the most. Maybe it's just me.

September 5, 2019



I use a chrome extension called Wudooh. It makes the Arabic characters large enough to see. It has made my learning experience so much better.


Thank you, I'll give it a try!


I have suspended my Arabic study on Duolingo after seeing how difficult it is to see the script. So far the only solution seems to be Google Chrome browser and the Wudooh extension. I didn't want to use anything related to Google (DuckDuckGo.com for searching: way better) but, I guess I could try it just for Duolingo usage.

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