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  5. "Quid nos facimus?"

"Quid nos facimus?"

Translation:What are we doing?

September 5, 2019



Se pode dizer tambem 'quid facimus' o é necessario dizer o pronome ?

Could you also say quid facimus, or is latin unlike other romance languages, where you have to say the pronoun?


You can leave it out.


Not every Romance languages can drop the pronoun, it's not the case in French.


What do we do? OK?


Was c before an 'i' or an 'e' really a hard k-sound? Or could it have been an s-sound?


Someone correct me if I'm mistaken (I'm new to Latin), but it is my understanding that the classical Latin pronunciation of "c" is always "k". In later ecclesiastical Latin, "c+e" and "c+i" would become "ch+e" and "ch+i", respectively. It remains that way in Italian, and a similar effect is found in Spanish, but with those combinations becoming "th+e" and "th+i" in Spain, and "s+e" and "s+i" in Mexico.


You're right, in Classical Roman Latin the letter C was always pronounced with a hard /k/ sound. The Romance Languages went through phonetic changes which made so that, nowadays, the letter C has a soft /s/ sound in combination with E and I in Portuguese and Latin American dialects of Spanish, for example. Ecclesiatical Latin has that /t͡ʃ/ ("ch" sound) before E and I because it's based on Italian phonetics.


this guy pronounces every 'i' as an 'e'....

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