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"a new Arab name"

Translation:اِسْم عَرَبِيّ جَديد

September 5, 2019



Why اِسْم جٓديد عٓرٓبيٌ is incorrect?

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The order of the adjectives is important. Away from Arabic, let's see how different is this in English first.

  • a new (Arab name).
  • an Arab (new name).

The first instance means it is an Arab name but it is new, in a set of Arabic names (and i really think they should have used Arabic instead of Arab).
In the second instance, we have a new name, but it is Arabic this time. Meaning, an Arabic name from a set of "new names".

Arabic is the same when it comes to the importance of the order of adjectives. However, because of the nature of the language, the order of the adjectives in Arabic is the reverse of that in English. Thus, a new Arab name would literally be in Arabic as name/Arab/new.

Again, I think they should use Arabic and not Arab here.

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