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Duolingo too lenient with numbers

I just completed Numbers 1 in German and I found many cases where the app marked my answer as correct when it should not have been. Some examples:

Translate, "One, Two, Three" into German. Answer, "1 2 3" accepted as correct. The app doesn't force you to spell out the numbers in words.

Translate "Nine" into German. I typed too fast and answered, "Die n" and it was accepted as correct.

Translate "four" into German. I answered, "Die $" and it was accepted as correct.

Now, I was strict with myself and made myself write out the German words in full but I suspect many people might take the oportunity to cheat this lesson unless it is tightened up a bit.

September 5, 2019


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Add it matters to you if other people may cheat why ? If people cheat they are only cheating themselves

September 5, 2019


As a foreign language teacher who uses Duolingo for Schools and gives students homework based on this app -- yes it does matter if people cheat.

Also, the app is supposed to be teaching me. Accepting $ and n as correct answers is not teaching me anything.

September 5, 2019


Fun fact: many Germans use the digit 1 on their twitter as a substitute for ein/eine/eines/eins/.... People really say Ich singe eins Lied. (not Ich singe ein Lied) for Ich singe ich 1 Lied. Declension problems for indefinite articles solved, I guess. Like For 80% of all neologisms and broken grammar that popped up in this decade, I blame Austrian rap artist Money Boy for this.

Cf. https://www.jetzt.de/internet/die-1-in-der-netz-sprache

A related meme is 1!!!1!1!11elf!!1!1! which makes fun of the German enthusiasm for all-caps and exclamation marks.

Cf. https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Zahlen-bitte-Immer-auf-die-Kleinen-Eins-11elf-3757449.html

September 5, 2019
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