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  5. "أَيْن مَدينَتِك يا جودي؟"

"أَيْن مَدينَتِك يا جودي؟"

Translation:Where is your city, Judy?

September 5, 2019



أين مدينتُكِ يا جودي؟

"2aina madiinatuki yaa judii?" (Standard)

"madiinatik" in the complement (called as the خبر "khabar") tends to follow some Dialect.


Is 'where' pronounced ain or aina here?? The audio sounds different from the written text!!!



"where" is always pronounced as "aina" by native-Arabic speakers. I have tried to listen the audio for several times and hear it as "aina".

Update: I see now, Ilana145213! It is "2ain" in the word per word audio, -- oftentimes the lady intentionally omits the ending sound so أين becomes 2ain. However, Arabs say "2aina" for "where".


I think the a is thete because there are two consonants beside each other?



Do you mean "a" sound at the "2aina" ("أين")? In Standard Arabic or Arabic fuSa, the "a" is not because of the consonants - but that's the pronunciation it should be. "2aina".

In Egyptian Dialect, the "where" question is فين (spelled as "fein") while in Levantine Dialect, it is وين (pronounced as wayn).

So, if we say "2ain" for "أين", it seems that we have mixed up between Standard Arabic and some Dialect.

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