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  5. "He will play in the evening."

"He will play in the evening."

Translation:वह शाम को खेलेगा।

September 5, 2019



what is the difference between khelenga and khelunga?


'Khelega' (masculine) and 'Khelegi'(feminine) are the singular second-person forms. You use this form when the person you are talking about is neither yourself nor the person you're talking to.

'Khelunga' (masculine) and 'Khelungi'(feminine) are the singular first-person forms. You use these when you are talking about yourself.

Eg: पीटर क्रिकेट खेलेगा, जूलिया फुटबॉल खेलेगी और मैं हॉकी खेलूंगा - Peter will play cricket, Julia will play soccer and I will play hockey.


Thank you Vinay, that explains it well! I had not picked up on the difference in the lessons.


Thank you! I was searching for ybis difference and couldnt find it online.


Why do we use को instead of में here?


Both are possible but शाम को is more common. It's similar to how we have both 'at night' and 'in the night' in English.

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