"You leave the tip on the table."

Translation:E waiho ʻoe i ka uku lawelawe ma ke pākaukau.

September 5, 2019



I got blocked when I used "i" instead of "ma". "i ke pakaukau" should still be "on the table" or no?

September 5, 2019


Aloha e @Oceanic2 , ʻae both should be correct and your answer should also be accepted here.

For added info on this topic, there is a stronger sense of "correctness" to use "ma" in this case purely due to the fact that you are emphasizing to someone to leave something somewhere, and itʻs state will be at that location. "Ma" has the kaona of something/someone being stationary and not moving; and implying that thereʻs not an associated movement that is important in context. Movement is the added kaona in using "i". I am guessing that the writer of this sentence didnʻt think twice about inputting "i" as a possibility, because "ma" was the most natural particle to choose to them.

Hope this helps a little bit.. ^_^ʻ

September 5, 2019
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