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"Wangalikuja wangalikwenda Ngorongoro"

Translation:If they had come, they would have gone to Ngorongoro

September 5, 2019



How come in this sentence it is "wangalikwenda ngorongoro" but in a previous sentence "angalikwenda Serengeti " is marked wrong and the accepted answer is angalienda? When do you put "kw-" and when do you leave it out?


Both are possible depending on dialect/individual choice. This course is unfortunately just not very consisitent.


been to ngorongoro why its not be working!!!


Why did i get it wrong when i put "If they had come, they would have gone to the Ngorongoro"? There is no difference between my answer and the correct answer, other than the definite article. 20201208

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