Common (native) PT-BR mistakes!

I'm creating this list to exemplify some of the many mistakes that people make on a daily basis (in Rio de Janeiro) and are more or less tolerated. These mistakes are not restricted to the poorer, less-educated, fraction of the population, and are even present between scholars and professors.

"Pra mim fazer." - This is wrong because "mim" can not be used as subject, you have to use "eu". Correct sentence: "pra eu fazer".

"Eu vi ele ontem." - The pronouns "eu, tu, ele(a), nós, vós, ele(a)s" can not be used as an object. Correct sentence: "eu o vi ontem"; "eu vi-o ontem" is also correct, but rarely used.

"Vamos na praia." - "Vamos" needs to be followed by "a" or "para". Correct sentence: "vamos à praia."

"Vamos se arrumar." - In this case, "se" refers to "a gente", not to "nós", but the verb is conjugated as "nós". Correct sentence: "vamos nos arrumar."

"O que tu quer fazer?" - "Tu" conjugated as "você". Correct sentence: "o que você quer fazer?"; "o que tu queres fazer?" is also correct, but rarely used.

"Te amo." - You can't start a sentence with "me, te, se, o, a, lhe, nos, vos, os, as, lhes". Correct sentence: "eu te amo."

"Aonde você está?" - "Aonde" implies movement, it should not be used when referring to a fixed position. Correct sentence: "onde você está?"

So don't bother if you can't speak perfect Portuguese, not even we can. =)

September 5, 2019


i still struggle to use "onde" and "aonde" correctly (i'm a native btw). but the other frases with years studying new idioms you end up learning some grammatical rules of your own language that you didn't even know that exist.

September 5, 2019

So don't bother if you can't speak perfect Portuguese, not even we can. =)

Porta dos fundos : Português fluente


Interestingly, the mistakes you listed are completely new to me except the "Eu vi ele ontem" / using the pronouns as objects, which is what I myself might do sometimes with ele(s)/ela(s), I think.

Thanks for showing some of the mistakes that are common for natives there. Now I can pay attention to them when I encounter them myself somewhere. Valeu !

September 10, 2019
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