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  5. "What does Marcus have?"

"What does Marcus have?"

Translation:Quid habet Marcus?

September 5, 2019



Quid Marcus habet? Perfectly correct.


How come it's not "marce" in this case? Shouldn't it decline since we do not refer to him directly?


'Marce' is the vocative form. In this case, you would want the nominative form, 'Marcus,' because Marcus is the one doing the verb. :)


Curre, Mārce! = Run, Marcus! Curre = imperative; Mārce = vocative, addressing Marcus directly.


I am wondering if i am correct on this: does Habere mean to have in this case because it is not reflexive? As it would mean "How is Marcus holding himself?" If it were "Quomodo Marcus se habet?" Of course, there is also the difference of quid and quomodo, but clarification would be appreciated


Yes, it does mean "to have". Here's an example of the reflexive: scire cupio quomodo res se habeat = I want to know how you are.


Would 'quid Marcus habet?' not be acceptable?


Is there a rule to know when to use Marcus or Marce? I chose quid habet marce but it was wrong, i thought at it was refering to him i should declinate!


Yes. 'Marcus' is the nominative (subject) case; 'Marce' is the vocative case. I can't explain how you use the vocative very well but it's quite simple. Have a look on the internet for an explanation and I'm sure you'll get it right away! :)

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