"È una mosca."

Translation:It is a fly.

April 20, 2013

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Moscow = fly. mind = blown


BTW, it's really easy to remember this word for Russians. In Russian there is a word мошка (moshka - a small fly).


Haha thats how i remembered! Ya rad shto ya ne adinok!))


I came looking for this! :D


'Beauty spot' in British English has two different meanings: an attractive location, and a skin marking on the face, usually a small mole (think Madonna's facial mole, for example.) I think it's the second translation which applies.


Dang. I thought it was "Is it a fly?"


why can't you say, he is a fly?


Is she saying mosca with a hard C or with a "t" sound.


Sorry...but...what?? It is a fly??


Why beauty spot is wrong in my answer while it shows me in its hint.


Mosca is actually a plural term if you just say Mosca, you need to add "Una" to the picture to make it singular.


Havi g trouble with the E'


How to make the ' over the e e' best I can do??


Duolingo should have a button for it under the box where you insert text. Otherwise, If you are on mobile you should be able to get it by holding down on the 'E' key, After a while a little box should pop up and you should be able to select 'è', Or if you are using a computer you should be able to download an Italian keyboard (On Windows 10 this is achieved by opening the Language Settings, Clicking "Add a language" under "Preferred Languages", And then selecting Italian, Not sure how it's done on other operating systems), After that you should be able to switch to said keyboard (How will differ based on your opeating system), And then if you press the [ key, It should produce an 'è'. (You can also get 'é' by holding shift and pressing the same key.)


My answer is correct

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