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"Vesperi labrum sordidum impletis."

Translation:In the evening you fill the dirty tub.

September 5, 2019



Oof okay so THAT'S what labrum means lmao

The glenoid labrum is a ligament which is like a bowl and helps the arm bone sit comfortably on the shoulder blade. Guess it works to call it a tub!


A "labrum" in anatomy is more generally a structure with the shape of a kind of lip, a edge or brim.

As the firt meaning for "labrum" is "lip", not "tub".

I have no idea why it was first "lip" and then "basin".

Edit: I've found the explanation.

It's not the same word! Homonyms.

1/ Labrum from lambere (to lick) = lip.

2/ Labrum from lavare (to wash) = basin to wash someone/something.
Derived from lavābrum (“bathing tub”), from lavō (“to wash, bathe”) +‎ -brum.


Is "labrum" as in "lip" related to "labium"?


According to Wiktionary ("labrum"; "labium") they are indeed. The "lab-" part in both comes from a common root.


Why would they...


Never question the owl


Why not "In the evening you are filling a dirty tub?" It stands to reason that if the baths have been in use all day, they might be dirty by evening time.


This question displays as "evening labrum dirty Fulfillment" rather than ""Vesperi labrum sordidum impletis."


In the evening, but not at night. Ok, Duo...

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