A tutorial?


I am a French beginner learner, and also new to the website.

I stumbled across few difficulties within my lessons and I'd like to ask about them - meaning that as far as I can see, this is is a discussion board where moderators really read what you write!

  1. How do I find people who are my friends on Facebook? 1.2 How do I make friends here, without looking like a creeper?
  2. How do I retake a lesson? I finished a lesson without any hearts left and I'd like to retake it. 2.2 I believe the system with wrong answers could be greatly improved by allowing the student to do the wrong sentence again, specially after the system has shown the right answer. As a teacher myself, this action is a very important tool in the process of learning.

Aaaand that's it. I'm deeply in love with Duolingo and love the method (the hearts falling make me feel sad I made a simple mistake). Everyone responsible is just plain awesome.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good microfone so I'm skipping all voiced lessons, but I'm still trying to repeat as much as I can the new vocabulary.

April 20, 2013


Hi! Thank you so much for this discussion post! Happy to hear that you are loving Duo! Yes, our team and community mods do read the forum all the time. Happy to help :) So, you can invite friends from Facebook right under your leaderboard in the right hand column when you're looking at your tree or profile. You add people on Duolingo by selecting their avatar and clicking '+ add friend' in their profile. If you know the name of someone on Duolingo that you'd like to follow search the username in 'search learners' (upper right of every page). You won't look like a creeper if you don't act like a creeper- that's what I think! You can retake a lesson by just going back and selecting it again. That's an interesting idea (repeating the sentence that was incorrect- you will notice some repetition as you move forward after making a mistake). We'll think more about that. We are always running educational tests to figure out how people learn best, so you'll notice us making updates to better the learning experience frequently.

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